Ariens Company Sells Aftermarket Parts Businesses to Arrowhead Engineered Products

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Arrowhead Engineered Products Inc. (formerly Arrowhead Electrical Products, Inc.) will be the new owner of Stens and JThomas Parts.  Owned by Ariens Company, Stens has been with Ariens since 1995 and JThomas since 2008, the companies are changing hands under unknown terms as both buyer and seller are privately held companies.

Stens and JThomas are both aftermarkets parts distributors.  Stens primarily markets to the independent power equipment dealers while JThomas Parts reaches out directly to landscape contractors.

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For Ariens, this move while help the company focus more on its core business.  “This is a strategic decision that allows the company to continue to re-invest in the original equipment manufacturing business,” says Dan Ariens, Chairman and CEO of Ariens Company.  For Ariens, the hope is to turn the freed up capital into new manufacturing technologies as well as increasing the R&D capabilities to reduce time to market and a new e-commerce platform for its niche outdoor supply brands.

For Arrowhead Engineered Products, the move opens up the door to a wider distribution channel and a greater ability to service their customers.  As Jim Wisnoski put it, “The combination of Arrowhead with the Stens and JThomas organization creates a unique and powerful platform in support of our mission to always be our customers’ first choice for critical replacement parts.”

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Ariens and Arrowhead will be working to make what they hope to be a seamless transition for their clients by the end of the year.  Ariens tried to do their homework ahead of time, finding a buyer whom they felt would be a close cultural match for the Stens and JThomas teams.  Ariens said, “The Ariens Company and the Ariens family gave this a lot of thought and consideration, and feel that the owners of Arrowhead are a close match with Ariens in that we share numerous cultural values and have a high regard for customer relationships.