Arctic Snow Plow Review

In this episode, Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks with Al Hoskin of Arctic Snow Plows.

Arctic Equipment manufactures snow plows for the light to medium duty truck market. Their primary aim is to service landscaping and snow plow contractors with their galvanized snow plows.

Arctic Equipment knows snow as they have been building plows in snowy Ontario since 1969. Even though they reside in Canada, Arctic serves much of the US market as well.

Not everyone raves about the simple look of the humble Arctic plow, but they designed the plow for performance, not a beauty contest. The galvanized and the galvanized/orange poly plows are simple straight forward plows without all the bells and whistles of some of the other plows.

The galvanization not only creates a protective layer of zinc around the metal so it won’t rust, if your metal ever gets a minor scratch, the zinc still protects the steel by a break down in the zinc instead of the steel. (Learn more about galvanized metal at Wikipedia.)

The team at Arctic is so confident in the durability of their plows that they offer a 3 year bumper-to-bumper and 7 year pro rated warranty on some of their plows, longer than many of the other manufacturers, and they certainly are not the most expensive plows on the market either.

These plows are designed for the light and medium duty trucks contractors like (Arctic targets ¾ ton trucks and larger) and come in full trip or trip edge designs.

If you need more, Arctic has a hitch plow as well as v-box and receiver (tailgate) spreaders, all galvanized of course. If you are looking for a straight forward plow, one that goes up, down, side-to-side, and moves snow, the Arctic Snow Plow might be for you.

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