Aebi Schmidt Expands North American Presence with Acquisition of Oshkosh Corporation’s Snow Products Business

In a strategic move to fortify its position in North America, the Aebi Schmidt Group announced the successful acquisition of Oshkosh Corporation’s Snow Products Business on July 24, 2023. The deal will be integrated into the operations of Aebi Schmidt’s subsidiary, M-B Companies, Inc., headquartered in Chilton, Wisconsin (USA).


August, 10 2023 | Staff Editor

The acquisition marks a significant milestone for Aebi Schmidt, boosting its sales, production capabilities, and After Sales business. According to Barend Fruithof, Group CEO of Aebi Schmidt, the transaction is a crucial step in the company’s growth plan for the North American market.

“We are excited to expand our presence in North America through this acquisition,” says Fruithof. “The integration of Oshkosh Corporation’s Snow Products Business at M-B’s Chilton location will further leverage the new production facility established there in 2021/22.”

Steffen Schewerda, CEO Aebi Schmidt North America, shares his optimism, emphasizing that the acquisition aligns well with the company’s business objectives. He believes that the move will enhance Aebi Schmidt’s Snow Products position in the region, offering greater value to both existing and new customers.

“The acquisition not only strengthens our product offerings but also allows us to tap into Oshkosh Corporation’s customer base,” explains Schewerda. “With our extensive industry experience and customer network, we envision tremendous growth potential, especially in our After Sales business.”

Oshkosh Corporation, renowned for its purpose-built vehicles and equipment, finds the deal mutually beneficial. Aebi Schmidt’s track record in providing intelligent solutions for maintaining clean and safe infrastructure and managing challenging grounds complements Oshkosh’s commitment to delivering reliable and specialized products.

“We are confident that the acquisition will be advantageous for Oshkosh’s existing customers,” states Fruithof. “Aebi Schmidt’s expertise and global reach will undoubtedly enhance the overall customer experience, offering access to a broader range of solutions and services.”

The Aebi Schmidt Group boasts an exceptional range of products, including its own vehicles and innovative attachable and demountable devices for vehicle equipment customization. With the addition of Oshkosh Corporation’s Snow Products Business, Aebi Schmidt is primed to consolidate its leadership in the industry, delivering cutting-edge solutions to customers who prioritize sustainable and efficient infrastructure maintenance.

As Aebi Schmidt continues to expand its footprint in North America, industry stakeholders and customers can look forward to improved access to innovative technologies, exceptional customer service, and a more extensive network of aftermarket support. The acquisition solidifies Aebi Schmidt’s commitment to providing top-tier solutions that meet the evolving needs of the snow products market in the region.

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