A Wet Week is Expected – How About Snow? Yep!

March kicks off this week on the mild side with plenty or precipitation in parts of the country, but not enough cold air around it to create any snow. That might change later in the week in the Rockies and Northeast. Check it out in Neoweather’s forecast below!

3/3/20 Weather Forecast from Neoweather

We’ve had a wet pattern over the last 30 days or so, especially in the South and Ohio Valley and that’s not expected to change anytime soon. While it stays dry in California, more showers are expected today and tomorrow in the NE and Texas across the southern U.S. An injection of cold weather in the Great Lakes later this week (Thursday or so) could turn some of the expected precipitation into a bit of snow, so that’s something to keep an eye on. The middle of the country will stay quiet.

Leaves are already starting to show up in the south about 2-3 weeks early! Leaves are breaking out in trees up into portions of the Mid-Atlantic, Tennessee and even up into the Southern Ohio Valley area.

Thursday and Friday have to potential to produce some snow on the East Coast if the temps stay low enough as the precipitation moves through. A rain-snow mix is expected for the coastal cities.

3/6/20 Weather Map showing snow potential in the East
3/6/20 Weather Map showing snow potential in the East

Meanwhile, the Rockies are expected to get a new snow system that will gain some traction on Sunday as it stretches from Denver up into Southern Canada. It won’t be widespread as it moves east, but it is expected to drop some snow in the most northern areas of the country. The warmer air below that system will bring a wide band of rain all the way from Houston up to Detroit on Monday of next week.

Map of Warm Weather from NeoweatherThe bottom line is warm, warm, warm. The next two weeks are expected to be above average temperatures across almost the entire country. There will be a couple of short cooldowns, but not many chances for snow before the temps go back up again to warmer than average.

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