6 Steps to Prepare Your Business for Winter

As winter approaches, businesses should prepare for seasonal challenges like snowstorms with AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service™, offering hyper-local forecasts and expert insight to help implement essential measures for safeguarding operations.

November 28, 2023 | Staff Editor

With the onset of winter, it’s imperative that businesses gear up now for seasonal hazards, including snowstorms, freezing temperatures, and icy conditions, that can significantly impact day-to-day operations. AccuWeather can help. With hyper-local forecasts, detailed alerts, and 24/7 expert insight, our Snow Warning Service™ can help you take 6 essential measures to brace for the months ahead.

1. Develop a Comprehensive Winter Emergency Plan

Winter accidents are inevitable, so preparedness is key. We’ll help you devise a winter emergency plan that pinpoints when and where your assets and employees are most at risk to optimize resource allocation and initiate safety protocols. This proactive approach can save lives and prevent injuries, minimizing your liability and upholding your reputation.

2. Safeguard Your Infrastructure

Our hyper-local forecasts and advance severe weather warnings can help you prepare your facilities and roads for harsh winter conditions. With better planning and mitigation, you can minimize operational costs and reduce the risk of and liability for accidents on your premises.

3. Optimize Staff Scheduling

With our hyper-accurate forecasts and hyper-fast alerts, you can make better decisions — sooner. Adjust staff schedules to safeguard your employees, ensure operational efficiency, and save costs.

4. Ensure Adequate Supplies

It’s crucial to retain a stockpile of essentials, like de-icing salt, winter equipment, and emergency kits. We’ll help you anticipate when you’ll need them — and how much you’ll use — so you know when to re-order or replace, minimizing the risk of running out during a storm.

5. Improve Your Logistics and Travel Plans

With real-time updates on transportation disruptions and road closures, you can make better-informed decisions about your logistics and travel plans, saving time and reducing the risk of your employees and clients getting stranded or delayed.

6. Monitor Your Supply Chain

Winter weather can significantly impact your supply chain, disrupting operations, delaying shipments, and, ultimately, harming your reputation. We’ll help you keep an eye on weather patterns that might affect your suppliers’ deliveries. Staying ahead of potential supply chain issues to reduce operational costs and satisfy customer expectations.

Virtually Eliminate the Risk of Being Surprised by Snow and Ice

To make the best decisions every time, you need the Superior Accuracy™ of AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service™. Study after study shows that AccuWeather provides the most accurate, precise, and detailed forecasts, which give you an exclusive umbrella of protection.

Independent studies show that AccuWeather’s forecasts are significantly more accurate and more valuable than all other sources. Last winter, AccuWeather’s average error for start and end times for snow and ice was just 1½ hours compared to an average error of more than 3 hours from other sources.

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Don’t let uncertainty define your winter. Experience the AccuWeather advantage firsthand. The most precise, proactive, and prepared decision-making starts now.

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