3 Best Features of the Buyers V-Plow

Snow Plow News talked to Harold Berg from Buyers Products and asked him to explain which three features of the SnowDogg V-Plow are the most important in his opinion. Here’s what he had to say…

November 1, 2021 | Dawn Krueger

Buyers SnowDogg VMDII V-Plow

The Buyers SnowDogg VMDII V plow has a 304 Stainless Steel moldboard that never needs to be painted and it resists corrosion and rust like no other material. It also has laser-cut steel ribs for reinforcement with 2-inch cross tubes and heavy-duty channels that extend the full length of the plow.

It also has a tubular steel floating A-frame so it doesn’t scrape hard against the ground or miss the ground completely. You get excellence scraping action at any mount height with this awesome design!

And above all, Harold feels the most important advantage the Buyers SnowDogg VMDII V plow has over snowplows is their new second generation RapidLink™ attachment system. With this system, you get extremely fast and easy plow mounting and dismounting. It has a Jack Switch for easy alignment of your plow and truck on any terrain. You can lock the plow into place from one side with a single foot pedal.

What other features are a favorite from SnowDogg v-plows? They have a smooth action 6-inch trip edge to avoid damage to the plow from manhole covers and uneven terrain. Even with gloves on, the in-cab controls are easy and intuitive to use. The backlit controller lets you effortlessly control the V, scoop, and angle functions. They also come standard with a snow deflector along the top and wire reinforced blade guides.

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