2nd Chance to See the SIMA Show?

SIMA has one of the best shows for snow and ice equipment plus all the other snow fighting tools to keep costs down and make more money.  Just listen to what the Dirt Monkey has to say.

All the latest innovation is at the SIMA show, and you can easily walk around and compare products from different vendors.  With the big OEMs, the small niche companies, and all the other companies in-between at the SIMA show, there is very little missing.

Snow and Ice Management Association Logo

It may be too late to walk around the show in 2019, but it is not too late to see a lot of what was exhibited.  Make sure you subscribe to Snow Plow News, because we cover a lot of what was there at the SIMA show.

If you weren’t at the biggest and best show for snow fighters this year, you have a second chance right here on Snow Plow News.