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Another Wet Week – Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We might be shut-in and still not doing much this week, but the weather pattern is active and on the move! This week is expected to bring severe thunderstorms, widespread flooding, and even some more snow. See where all the rain is happening this week in Brian Ivey’s weekly weather forecast below.

4/22/20 Weather Forecast video from Neoweather

Today starts us off with a good amount of rain and scattered storms in the Ark-La-Tex region. That system will move east and slightly north saturating Georgia, the Carolinas, and the Mid-Atlantic areas that definitely don’t need more rain. A smaller system just to the north of that may stir up some snow late Wednesday and into Thursday in Pennsylvania and parts of New York.

4/23/20 U.S. Weather Map from Neoweather
4/23/20 U.S. Weather Map from Neoweather

Today we’re watching Northeastern Texas and parts of Arkansas and Northwestern Louisiana for the highest risk of sever thunderstorms. This could brink damaging high winds, large hail, and the risk of tornados. However, the most widespread impact will come from heavy rains in areas that are already saturated. Tomorrow, that system will move east and grow to cover Alabama, Georgia, Northern Florida, and parts of South Carolina. There will be flooding rains at times, so be careful if you venture out.

We wish we could say that’s where the rain stops, but this weekend is going to whip up another significant bout of rain in primarily the same areas. Up to four inches of rain may be widespread across the Midwest and Ohio Valley in addition to the parts of the south that get hit today and tomorrow. And if that’s not enough, a THIRD round of rain is expected to hit these SAME areas late next week with several MORE inches of rain.

The northern edges of this system might bring some snow to parts of New England. There might even be some accumulation in Maine, but nothing major is expected. We don’t expect to see more snow in the Rockies this week, since warmer temps are on the way there. The main area of cold this week is – you guessed it – in the Great Lakes area! A trough coming down from Canada will bring very cold temps for April to Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and into the Ohio Valley and Northeast.

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Cold and Snow Continues This Week. See Where!

After a crazy few days in the South of tornados and terrible winds, things will calm down at least for most of the week until more rain hits those areas. What’s happening up north? Cold weather continues and more snow is expected in the Midwest on Friday.

This week starts off with a little rain scattered across the eastern half of the country that is really just a nuisance, nothing significant in the way of storms or snow. The cold air around the Great Lakes may create a few flakes, but nothing significant. Thursday our attention turns to a system in the Rockies that is likely going to bring some snow accumulation in higher elevations and possibly continue to bring several inches along a central path as it moves east on Friday.

4/14/20 Weather Map from Neoweather
4/14/20 Weather Map from Neoweather

The results of the system moving through Friday will be very dependent upon temperatures. There could be snow accumulation if the system moves through at night or when it’s cold enough for the snow to stick around. They snowy section of this storm is expected to travel over Illinois, Indiana, Southern Michigan, Ohio and into New York and Pennsylvania. Areas south of this system will see more rain all the way down into Georgia until it moves out over the Atlantic on Saturday.

4/18/20 Snow Accumulation Map

Up to 9 inches will fall in some spots!

We get a much-needed break over the weekend while most of the country has quiet weather and little precipitation. Unfortunately, more big showers and storms are expected to whip up on Sunday night and Monday in the deep south over Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. Warmer than average temperatures continue in the Pacific Northwest and across the deep south and Florida for much of the month of April. However, the upper Midwest and Northeast will have the cold temp locked in, probably until May.

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Welcome Back Cold – Snow Coming This Week!

There are lots of blue spots on the weather map this week as we see a major cool down with some potential for legit snow in several areas. In fact, the next two weeks are expected to be below average temps in most of the country. Check out when and where below!

4/9/20 Weather Forecast from Neoweather

This week kicked off with a major storm system in Indiana that moved across Kentucky and eastward with damaging winds and large hail. Showers from that front move up into New England today. Once it hits the cold air, there is potential for snow in Maine and snow pellets in other parts of the northeast. No big time accumulation is expected unless you’re well up into New England, but it will be a big shock to the system after it’s been so warm for so long!

Watch out Maine! Up to 16 inches of snow is expected to come your way!

Saturday we expect to see more showers moving through in the central parts of the country. One system will come up from Texas and Louisiana moving northeast, and another system will brew up in Iowa and Illinois and go primarily east across Indiana and the Ohio Valley. These systems will have more warmth to them so we just expect rain, no snow excitement.

But don’t rest too easy… another trough of low pressure in the Rockies will be digging out and moving east on Sunday. As it moves east and hits the cold air around the Great Lakes, it could create an actual snowstorm for the Upper Midwest early next week. The combination of very cold air with the low-pressure center creates very interesting potential, so be on your toes if you are in that area!

4/12/20 Weather map showing snow potential
4/12/20 Weather map showing snow potential

This week is seeing a true pattern change of colder weather than we’ve seen in months. Just when you think Spring is here – guess again! Want to make sure you are making good business decisions based on accurate weather forecasts for YOUR service area with YOUR industry interests in mind? Check out Neoweather today!