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Cold and Snow Continues This Week. See Where!

After a crazy few days in the South of tornados and terrible winds, things will calm down at least for most of the week until more rain hits those areas. What’s happening up north? Cold weather continues and more snow is expected in the Midwest on Friday.

This week starts off with a little rain scattered across the eastern half of the country that is really just a nuisance, nothing significant in the way of storms or snow. The cold air around the Great Lakes may create a few flakes, but nothing significant. Thursday our attention turns to a system in the Rockies that is likely going to bring some snow accumulation in higher elevations and possibly continue to bring several inches along a central path as it moves east on Friday.

4/14/20 Weather Map from Neoweather
4/14/20 Weather Map from Neoweather

The results of the system moving through Friday will be very dependent upon temperatures. There could be snow accumulation if the system moves through at night or when it’s cold enough for the snow to stick around. They snowy section of this storm is expected to travel over Illinois, Indiana, Southern Michigan, Ohio and into New York and Pennsylvania. Areas south of this system will see more rain all the way down into Georgia until it moves out over the Atlantic on Saturday.

4/18/20 Snow Accumulation Map

Up to 9 inches will fall in some spots!

We get a much-needed break over the weekend while most of the country has quiet weather and little precipitation. Unfortunately, more big showers and storms are expected to whip up on Sunday night and Monday in the deep south over Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. Warmer than average temperatures continue in the Pacific Northwest and across the deep south and Florida for much of the month of April. However, the upper Midwest and Northeast will have the cold temp locked in, probably until May.

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