2020-2021 Long Range Winter Forecasts

2020-2021 Winter Forecast Card

National Winter 2020-2021 Overview

This winter is set to be affected by the cooler than average ocean surface temperatures along the equator causing La Niña conditions by everyone’s standards. In fact, every single weather model that Neoweather watches is predicting a mild to strong La Niña this winter. That means it could be drier than average in many parts of the country and that a very typical jet stream. Cold Arctic air will be bottled up in the Northern Atlantic Ocean that will spill down into Greenland, Canada, and into the Midwest regularly. We’ve seen that already and it is expected to continue at least into January. 

2020-21 National La Nina World Map

What is La Niña?

La Niña is a weather pattern that usually takes place in the Pacific Ocean every few years. Normally the Pacific Ocean water surface temperatures along the equator remain warm, even during winter. La Niña conditions are determined when the winds are much stronger than usual causing the Pacific Ocean water surface temps to be a few degrees colder than average. This small change in the ocean’s temperature can affect weather all over the world. La Niña normally causes places like Indonesia and Australia to get much more rain than usual, while places like the southwestern United States can be much drier than usual. It also causes much more hurricane activity than usual – which we definitely saw this year!

National Winter Weather Long-Range Forecast Video

Watch the 2020-2021 national weather forecast overview video from Neoweather below.

Long-Range Winter Forecasts by Region

Neoweather also produced winter 2020-2021 weather forecast videos for each region of the United States. Check those out below.

Northeast Long Range Winter Weather Forecast

The further north you go, the more likely you are to get above average snowfall and cold temps this winter. The I-95 corridor is expected to be below average snowfall.

Mid-Atlantic Long Range Winter Weather Forecast

The Mid-Atlantic region is expected to be more mild and dry than usual this winter with the only exception being in the higher elevations and mountains.

Southern Long Range Winter Weather Forecast

Mild and drier-than-average precipitation is expected in the South. The northern areas of this region should be watched for some ice and snow every now and then.

Northwest Long Range Winter Weather Forecast

This is one of the main regions of true winter weather every year, and this year will be no different. Even lower elevations will see much more snow than normal this winter.

Rockies & Southwest Long Range Winter Weather Forecast

Expect drier than average weather across the Southwest this winter. The only area of relief will be in the Rockies where temperatures and precipitation will be average.

The Plains Long Range Winter Weather Forecast

The Plains typically experience active winters. This year, the jet stream clippers will bring colder and wetter weather than average, so brace yourself for a tough winter!

Midwest Long Range Winter Weather Forecast

The Upper Midwest and Great Lakes will see the coldest temps and most active winter weather clipper systems the first half of the winter. Later in the winter, things might moderate a bit, we’ll see!

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