12/14/20 Forecast: A Couple of Feet of Snow Coming!

12/16/2020 Weather Map Showing Snowfall in NE from Neoweather

Bigtime Snow is on the Way!

Well, it’s looking like there be a strong possibility of a white Christmas for the Northeast. Starting today, a disorganized system starts to pop up throughout the Rockies that will get organized and dump up to 2 feet in some areas of the Northeast later this week! If you are east of Ohio and north of Virginia, it’s time to beef up your crews and prep your plows for some heavy snow.

There are actually two systems on the way. The first system swipes the Ohio Valley, then a stronger system brews up over the coast. Cold air is waiting in the Northeast and New England to translate the moisture into heavy snow when the systems get in their grasp. 

The Storm’s Expected Path

The storm is expected to come from the Rockies, but swoop south, then north into the Northeast. As it hits the colder air, things get interesting. See the track below.

12/16/20 Snow Storm Map from Neoweather
12/17/20 Snow Storm Map from Neoweather
12/18/20 Snow Storm Map from Neoweather

Snowfall Forecast

After the heavy snow comes through, more snow showers will follow in their path behind the main areas of precipitation. All of the different weather models have been in agreement for this one over the past several days, so we’re placing strong confidence in the Northeast getting hit with about 16-24 inches of snow in the heart of the storm, with 6-16 inches on the edges. Outlying areas will see 2-4 inches widespread. Neoweather has less confidence in where the snow line will be and how much they will get near the coast and in Indiana and the Ohio Valley. Along with heavy snow in the center of this storm, 20-30 mph wind gusts and drifting are expected so be careful out there!

12/14/2020 Weather Forecast Video

Watch Neoweather’s winter forecast video for snow contractors below for all the details on this winter storm.

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