Xtreme Fabrication Showcases Buyers Products

Xtreme Fabrication is a dealer located in central Maryland. They are the only dealer open 24 hours, guaranteed if it snows. Rely on them for all your needs when you are in a pinch. They are a huge Buyers dealer and absolutely love their product line. They know the products are reliable and durable to fit the needs of their customers.

 SnowDogg VXF2

With so many new products coming out, Xtreme Fabrication is excited to show them off. The SnowDogg VXF2 is the newest version with nice design improvements. The advancements include better flip feet, improved mounting system and a higher mounting height that allows for getting your plow on and off the truck easier. Also featured is a 304 stainless steel moldboard, which means no painting needed. Xtreme Fabrication sells a lot of SnowDogg plows and stand behind their quality. The excitement generated with these plows is truly a reflection of the quality.

 Municipal Plows

The latest SnowDogg municipal plow is 10ft full trip plow with 8 different hitches available depending on what system you have. The municipal plow is about a 2000 lb. plow, built for heavy duty jobs.

SaltDogg also featured the MDS or Municipal Dump Spreader. It is a dump body and spreader –  all in one unit. Conveniently combined for your work. Instead of buying a stainless-steel dump body and a stainless-steel spreader, you get it all in one unit! You have options starting at 9ft up to 15ft lengths. Two configurations are also available to suit your needs. The MDS features an auger drive and a drag chain. The drag chain version can actually handle asphalt for patch work. A unique feature that may be a nice addition for you.

The Municipal Dump Spreader dumps as a regular dump truck and features 1/4in stainless steel. A great addition for your municipal needs. The roll body makes sure no material will get stuck and you’ll have a smooth, easy experience. You don’t want to worry about any material issues when you are out on the roads. The MDS will take care of that for you.

In the back of the MDS, you will find the spinner assembly. It clips on with two pins quickly and then you can hook up the hydraulics. When you pull the gate valve, you then have it built into the spreader. When the job is done, close the gate valve, take it off and your back to a dump truck. No hassle, all business with the MDS.

 SaltDogg Pro 2000

A final look at products brings us to the SaltDogg Pro 2000. Buyers took the legendary SaltDogg 2000 and put it on steroids. Included in the features is a bigger auger at 5 ½ inches, bigger spinner and bigger vibrator. Packed with new features and capability, the Pro 2000 is a step above the SaltDogg 2000. The flip up hard lid is also new this year and Xtreme Fabrication will have the optional lids in stock for you. Xtreme Fabrication backs up Buyers and will offer everything you need to get the job done right.