Xtreme Fabrication Introduces New Buyers Products Snow Plows

William Fries from Xtreme Fabrication, discusses new Buyers plows and their features with Snow Plow News.

September 6, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Buyers Products introduces another piece of municipal equipment to fill out their lineup, the new one-way plow (funnel plow). This plow has been a traditional plow in the snow and ice business for years. It’s a fixed one-way plow and provides a better snow roll off. The one-way plow is a great piece of machinery, especially if you’re up north, where storms produce 12-18 inches of snow. The one-way plow is a great plow for municipalities because it drastically lowers cost and has less moving parts. The one-way plow has 3-4 stainless steel front pieces and is powder coated steel, but also comes in a poly version.

The Buyers mid-mount patrol wing plow is the first wing set-up for Buyers Products. This wing plow is adjustable based on what the front plow is, you can have this plow tucked in or further out. The mid-mount patrol wing plow also comes in a 10, 11 and 12 foot version. This plow has two hydraulic cylinders, one for the front to move it up and down and the other to tilt the plow. The mid-mount plow folds back to the side of your truck and only protrudes 12-18 inches away from the truck depending on the configuration. This plow is offered in powder coated orange, stainless steel and poly.

The VMX 1/2 ton snow plow is an exciting new addition to Buyers municipal plows. The VMX is similar to the Buyers VMD plow, but fits on more ½ ton trucks like the F-150, RAM 1500, Chevy 1500 and Toyota Tacoma. The v-plow is one of the most popular plows on the market because you can do more with the different configuration of the v-plow. The VMX plow is a strong, lightweight design, so it is the perfect plow for smaller trucks, with a lighter front load capacity. The VMX is a high carbon, high strength steel. This plow still uses the same pumps, hoses and other components as the VMD plow. The VMX plow is very easy to get on and off your truck.

If you are in the market for a new plow, check out Xtreme Fabrication at their new location, 4800 Green Valley Road, Union Bridge, Maryland or give them a call at 410-766-9756.

Learn more about Buyers plows by visiting buyersproducts.com

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