Winter Weather Research Tools Available

Researching Past Snowfall is Tricky

Winter Weather Research is a bit tougher than going to your favorite search engine and expecting a decent response.  Oh, you will get a number of results but, more often than not, you will get the Weather Channel and its’ competitors or you will get an article designed as “click-bait” which you will no doubt click on – Not actual Research…

OR      You will inadvertently click on one of the many web resources of the NOAA and then get lost after an hour of clicking – Because you need to be a trained meteorologist to actually make sense of the data they present.



OR    You can go to the Winter Weather Research page on and use the tools provided for you.  These are some of the best resources in North America – Click on the image below to go there – No this is not “Click-Bait” – We are just really nice folks…


Now, thanks to technology from the NOAA, any user can research any single day of snow cover back to November 15, 2010 – we did some digging to bring this one to you.

The Global Snow and Ice Cover Map is derived from combined observations of METOP AVHRR, MSG SEVIRI, GOES Imager and DMSP SSMIS.

Shown below is the actual snow cover for November 25, 2010. A user can look up any day to see what the actual snow cover was in any part of the world over the past 6+ years.


Click on the image above and look for the Global Snow and Ice Cover Map to begin your research.


Updated AUG 2017, to ensure accuracy.