Winter Settles Down – 12/17/19 Forecast

Rise and shine Ohio Valley it’s time to get plowing! If you’re in southern parts of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, or Pennsylvania you’re waking up to snow this morning. That system will move across the Northeast today bringing snow to the north, and a mix of rain and sleet across New York City and Boston. Some arctic air coming down from Canada across the Great Lakes will cause a little lake effect snow starting in Superior and Huron, pushing through the snowbelt off of Erie and Ontario – but nothing major. Then the snow fun shuts down for the holidays! After today’s active period the quiet spell settles in for the rest of the week and probably for the month in most of the country.
Neoweather 12/17/19 Weather Forecast

The Northeast snow totals for today won’t be overwhelming, but will require a little clean up. Expect to see two to four inches inland before 7pm with some areas of four to six inches. The southern and eastern edges of the system will bring a mix of rain and sleet instead of snow accumulation.

Then it happens. Mother Nature goes on Christmas vacation. After today most of the country gets a much deserved break from the early winter madness. Things get ultra quiet everywhere except for a little system towards the Cascades and Seattle near the end of the week. There will also be a little Smokey Mountain snow in the Carolinas, and Montreal gets a few flakes but nothing much going on through the weekend and into next week.

Week of 12/17/19 Weather Map from Neoweather
Week of 12/17/19 Weather Map from Neoweather

Enjoy a Break for the Holidays!

As Neoweather predicted, much of the country won’t have snow for Christmas. The system stays calm and warmer than average in Montana, the Midwest and Northeast corridors that typically are white by now. However, there may a little bit of snow in the Desert Southwest for Christmas.

Usually when there is a lack of precipitation in the winter we’ve seen arctic blasts coming down from Canada… we are being spared from that this week too. We’ll see well above average temperatures for next week and even for the rest of the month with just a few quick exceptions in the Northeast and Upper Midwest.

After her Christmas Break, Mother Nature is likely to return to work big time in January so make sure you have customized, accurate weather forecasts for YOUR service area. Contact Neoweather today!