Discounted Winter Equipment Modular Skid Shoe Assemblies

Check this out!! Winter Equipment is offering 30% off list price for one Modular Skid Shoe Assembly and 60% off for the second unit on the same purchase order! This huge sale is on  MōDUS™ skid shoe assemblies for OEM pusher box plows. The new skid shoe assembly system extends life, increases effectiveness and reduces in-season downtime.

MōDUS™ Skid Shoes from Winter Equipment
MōDUS™ Skid Shoes from Winter Equipment

The MōDUS skid shoe system is Carbide Matrix™ based and can be adjusted, rotated or reversed independently because of their modular nature. This increases efficiency and reduces downtime dramatically, and still provides outstanding performance on rough surfaces.

Skid Shoes from Winter Equipment shown on a push plows

Extend the life of your cutting edges!

“We developed our MōDUS modular system to incorporate our superior wear technology in a way that made more sense, lasts longer and reduces downtime, while extending the life of the cutting edge. We think every pusher box plow would benefit from our MōDUS modular system, and with our midseason promotion, there’s no reason why everyone can’t have one!”

Kent Winter, founder and CEO of Winter Equipment

Winter developed their skid shoes to help customers that were giving feedback that their OEM shoes were wearing unevenly and breaking down midseason. The MōDUS systems are currently available for Arctic® LD and HD systems, as well as ProTech® Series 1 and 2 pusher boxes, and Winter Equipment has plans for additional lines as demand increases.

Review of Winter Equipment Skid Shoes

All styles of the MōDUS assembly systems include 5/8″ steel adapter plates. The skid shoes are reinforced with Winter Equipments’s proprietary Carbide Matrix™ weld. All installation hardware is included for your convenience too! Reach out to Winter Equipment today for more details!