Wind, heat, rain and SNOW this week – Plower Forecast 9.17.19

It’s truly a week of mischief in the weather world this week. The United States weather forecast includes tropical storms, wind, rain, heat and you guessed it – even some snow! Watch for all the details!

This week brings a new tropical storm into the U.S named Imelda. It is just entering the Houston area and dropping significant amounts of rain. Hurricane Humberto is still on the outskirts of the east coast, but not close to land so the coast should stay pretty dry as it continues to move further away.

Areas of the Midwest are seeing some scattered storms and rain, pushing east. But most of the East will stay pretty dry this week, especially the Southeast. Temperatures will be above average in the Midwest and East.

The big news for our Snow Plow News friends is a dip in the jet stream in the Upper Rockies and Northwest. That cold core low pressure center in the Northwest may produce some snow this week.

9/17 Snow Plowers Forcast