Widespread Rain Douses Most of the Country – See Details!

Get ready to watch the grass grow to new heights this week when most of the country welcomes bucket loads of rain and unseasonably warm weather.

5/19/20 Weather Forecast from Neoweather

This week starts off with significant bouts of moisture coming up from the gulf running along the eastern portions of the country. Tropical Storm Arthur prevents that system from moving out to sea, so it hangs around dropping lots of rain and causing some flooding in the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys. Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan also get significant amounts of rain. The Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions see the heaviest rainfall over multiple days.

More rain is also expected throughout the week in the Pacific Northwest, but it won’t be significant like in the Southeast. Central United States is quiet this week until Friday when some rain pops up in spots there as well.

As the weekend rolls in, isolated rain is expected across most of the country. These won’t be strong or large systems, just a peppering all around the country of small pockets of rain. The bigger story this weekend is the unseasonably WARM weather – that’s right, for once we aren’t talking about snow! The warm temps are expected to last into early June.

Late May Weather Temps Map - Expect Warmth!
Late May Weather Temps Map – Expect Warmth!

Starting this weekend we expect to see widespread 80s and high humidity in most of the country starting this weekend and through the rest of May. The only areas expected to see average temps are in parts of the North, Texas and along the East Coast for a bit. The rest of the country is in for a warm-weather treat.

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