Why Western? Better Quality Snow & Ice Removal Equipment Means Less Downtime – More Profit!

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Mike Stevens visits with Steve Woldanski about his business, Grounds Care Solutions.

Steve Woldanski has been in the snow and ice removal business for over 27 years. He admits when he was first starting out, it was too tempting to buy the cheapest equipment available. He quickly learned that the cheaper snow & ice removal equipment doesn’t hold up as well and breakdowns can be costly.

Western_snow_plows_logoHis choice of equipment is Western. When outfitting his Milwaukee based grounds care business, Steve knows a few extra dollars spent on a quality product makes sense. He likes the fact that Western products are built right in his hometown. Easy access to parts and quick answers to product questions helps Steve keep his equipment running smoothly.

Good Quality Tools & Parts Availability

One of the most important things any contractor needs is good quality tools and access to mvp3_parkinglotgood quality parts when there’s a breakdown. Cheap equipment might seem like a good decision, but when parts aren’t available, it can be a nightmare. A lot of effort goes into establishing your business; getting clients, keeping your equipment running and maintained. If your inexpensive plow or spreader is constantly breaking down, or you spend valuable time trying to find parts, you’re losing money.

Commitment To Quality Maintains Good Client Relations

You’ve spent the time and effort getting a client base. You’re committed to providing quality service, but you hit an unidentified hidden object (UHO). Now, you’re spending time trying to find replacement parts for your plow while your clients are waiting for work to get done…not a pretty picture. Lower quality, inexpensive equipment might save you a few bucks today, but tomorrow you’ll be paying for it.

Customers appreciate your professionalism and trustworthiness. That pays off big time in word of mouth advertising.

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Brent Jarvis for SnowPlowNews