Are Weather Apps Bad for Snow Contractors?

Knowing the weather forecast is important to stay on top of snow fighting. Your average weather app might be good for grandma but not the pros.

September 1, 2021 | Jeff Serafin

Leading up to a potential snow or ice storm there is much preparation that needs to be done. Knowing the weather forecast is one of the most important things to stay on top of snow fighting.

Will My Smartphone App Tell Me What I Need To Know About the Storm?

With information right at our fingertips, smartphone weather apps are one of the most popular sources of forecast information these days. They are generally okay for deciding if you need to wear a jacket or keep the umbrella handy, but when it comes to making business decisions, that’s another story.

Weather apps are bad for snow removal contractors to rely on. They are rarely accurate and consistent when it comes to predicting wintry conditions. Most weather apps are driven by a singular source of data from one computer forecast model. These weather models normally suffer biases, meaning they display solutions that are too warm, too cold or maybe too moist. These biases often lead to showing storm tracks, timing, and accumulations that are inaccurate.

Weather Models are for Meteorologists, Not Weather Apps

Many times computer weather models show crippling blizzards that never end up happening in real life. Weather models are supposed to be used as guidance and tools for meteorologists. The data that you see on your weather app is normally not quality controlled by an actual human being, let alone a meteorologist.

Are you frustrated by ever-changing forecasts on your favorite weather app? It is likely costing you time and money because you are getting inaccurate information. If you check the forecast for an upcoming storm five times during the day, you might get five different forecasts. That makes for very low confidence in what is actually going to happen!

Personalized Weather Consulting Delivers Exactly What You Need!

Partnering with a weather forecasting or consulting service might be a great decision that saves you time and money. A company like Neoweather can send you detailed information on upcoming storms so you know what to expect. Have a trusted weather forecast source means snow contractors can better plan schedules, save money on resources and have quicker response times.

Don’t rely on Siri with business decisions on the line. Partnering with a private weather forecasting service can give you peace of mind. Neoweather clients can call or email weather questions 24/7 to create the best plan of attack against snow and ice.

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