Why This Dealer Loves SnowEx

SnowEx Direct Lift Cylinder

Snow Plow News tried to meet with every dealer and visit every booth at the 2020 Work Truck Show. Next up is our interview with Jerry Heyer from Jerry’s Service in Erie, Pennsylvania. Jerry has been a dealer for SnowEx for years and our correspondent, Will Fries (aka “Will the Welder”) met up with Jerry to ask him what he likes best about SnowEx.

Top Features of SnowEx Plows

Jerry was a Blizzard Corp dealer before they were bought out by SnowEx, so the first thing he likes best is that SnowEx continued some aspects of the Blizzard design. For example, the slide box and moldboard provide excellent cleaning and scraping action. Next, Jerry really likes the direct lift cylinder on SnowEx plows. They got rid of the chain lift that’s popular on a lot of plows and have a hydraulic lift for efficient snow stacking and transport. It also gives contractors quicker response times and now even the down pressure option is available. Finally, Jerry likes the easy and high mounting height with SnowEx plows. They have better ground clearance with a higher height when compared to other plows, plus it has more lift height.

SnowEx Plows are Strong

SnowEx plows are known for their longevity and they are built to cut through the toughest snow and ice. They are constructed from high strength, low alloy steel making them stronger and lighter than conventional steel. The reinforcement ribs are solidly welded with a formed base channel that has multiple angles for added strength under the heaviest loads. The carefully welded headgear consistently delivers high quality on every plow.

2020 SnowEx RDV Plow at the Work Truck Show

SnowEx RDV V-Plow

The plow Jerry was pointing out features on at the 2020 Work Truck Show was the SnowEx RDV V-Plow. The RDV is built for half-ton trucks but packs the power of a much larger plow. It’s available in stainless or powder-coated steel and can be configured to fit most trucks out there. It also sports many of the same features known to give SnowEx their good reputation like powerful headlamps, a spring-assisted attachment system, self-aligning receiver brackets, double-acting angle cylinders, trip-edge protection, a flared moldboard, a snow catcher in the center, an adjustable width configuration, easy access cover on components, and hand-held controls.

Video on SnowEx Features

Check out the video from our interview with Jerry below. Want to know more about SnowEx? Snow Plow news has you covered. Learn more about SnowEx here or see more SnowEx news here.