Why SIMA Killed the Saturday Snack & Chat

‘SIMA underwent a thorough review of the show’s structure after June of last year, and we set a goal of simplifying access and registration to the show and its key events.’

By Kaitlyn Herbst
The Snack and Chat roundtable discussions at the Snow & Ice Symposium are typically one of the most important pieces of the annual show, especially on Thursday and Friday. If you aren’t familiar with Snack & Chats, they are a special event at our annual Symposium where snow & ice management professionals come together during a casual networking lunch to discuss some of the most current, interesting and relevant topics in the industry. 

SIMA underwent one of the most thorough reviews of the show’s structure after June of last year, and we set a goal of simplifying access and registration to the show and its key events. After much debate, review of attendee surveys, and observation of attendance history, SIMA has officially decided to remove the Saturday Snack & Chat from future Symposiums. 

Ultimately SIMA has set a goal of empowering more members and event attendees to access training and best practices. With that in mind, this year we decided to include Snack & Chats in the cost of a full registration or day pass (for Snack & Chats on the date registered), as opposed to them being a separate cost to attendees as they have been in the past. If we were to keep the Saturday Snack & Chat, registration fees would have increased to an amount we were no longer comfortable asking you to pay. 

Although change can be difficult, we are very excited with the 18th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium schedule of events. By including Snack & Chats for full registrants and day pass registrants, it allows more folks in the industry to attend, and streamlines the registration process for all – no more purchasing of tickets for these events, just a quick click of a button to RSVP while registering! The more snow & ice professionals in one room, the more wisdom shared regarding best practices in our industry. We hope to see you over lunch in June! 

Here are three simple ways you can help SIMA continue to improve Snack & Chats and the Symposium:

  • Email Kaitlyn@sima.org suggestions for Snack & Chat table topics, Symposium schedule comments, or any thoughts about the Symposium overall.
  • Email Kaitlyn@sima.org to express interest in volunteering during the show as a Snack & Chat facilitator, SIMA booth representative, ticket taker, or other volunteer opportunity. 
  • Register today for the 18th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium by visiting www.sima.org/show. Be sure to RSVP for Snack & Chats and receptions when you register, as this is very helpful for planning purposes.
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