Why Hiniker is the Right Choice for a First Time Plow Operator

Snow Plow News talks with Mark Miller, Inside Sales Manager at Hiniker, about why Hiniker plows are a great choice for first-time plow operators.

August 24, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Many first-time plow operators buy a truck that a dealer sells them, saying yes, you can put a plow on it and vehicle manufacturers authorize these trucks for plows. However, a lot of the smaller trucks and even some of the bigger ones aren’t actually plow trucks. So the first rule of thumb is to do research on plow trucks and then purchase one that will suit your plowing needs. Once operators have the right truck, they want a plow that’s going to hold together and going to be easy to operate. Plow operators also want a good local dealer that will do the installation and will fix that plow if it needs repair. They want parts available from early morning hours to late night hours to ensure if they break down or have an issue, they will be able to fix it efficiently and get back on the job.

Hiniker plows are very simple to install to the truck and to operate. Hiniker has a controller that is intuitive that really eases operation of the plow. The Hiniker attachment system is also second to none, you just drive the mount into the pockets on the plow, pull the lever and the plow is attached to the truck. Hiniker plows are not difficult to learn how to use, so they are the perfect plows for first-time operators. Many first-time plow operators may have a half-ton truck and Hiniker has commercial quality plows that fit half-ton trucks. All Hiniker plows use the same components, the same pumps, electrical harnesses and the same cylinders, so whether you’re buying a small plow or a big one, you’re getting commercial quality.

7000 Series Stainless Steel

Reversible C-Plow


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