Who is Getting Rain & Snow This Week? Check it out!

There are loads of precipitation again this week in the form of rain and even some snow. Some flooding is expected in areas where the ground is already saturated from too much rain. Brian Ivey from Neoweather has all the details for your 3/24/20 weekly contractor forecast below.

3/24/20 Weekly Weather Forecast from Neoweather

This week kicks off with more rain in the south. Areas across the Tennessee Valley could see some severe weather and storms. As it moves northeast, portions of Pittsburgh, Washington D.C. and New York will be hit. This is the area to watch this week for potentially dangerous storms.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday there will be widespread scattered snow across the Pacific Northwest. Most of the snow will be in the Rockies, but we could see snow stretch as far as the Dakotas, Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, and the U.P. thanks to some colder air in those areas as the system moves east. The active pattern continues with another bout of precipitation building up right after that one in the middle of the country that will move east through Iowa.

3/28/20 Weather Map from Neoweather
3/28/20 Weather Map from Neoweather

Denver is likely to see more snow on Friday. However, that system quickly turns into rain and becomes quite widespread producing a good amount of rain by Saturday across the Midwest that gains size as it moves east. This system is hitting the same areas once again where there have been significant amounts of rain over the last few weeks. This may result in flooding across much of those areas. Keep an eye out for a snow threat on the back end of that system around Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. Next week even more rain is expected to come up from the Gulf and stream across the South.

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