When Is Winter Ending? El Nino Isn’t Finished With Winter Just Yet.

Meteorologist Rob Guarino reporting from Lake Effect Land for a Snow Plow News weather update. Rob helps us count down the end of winter weather. What can we expect here on out?

It’s that time of year when most of us start wondering how much winter we have left. Those folks who live in Lake Effect areas usually endure more winter than the rest of us. The Oswego County, New York communities of Mexico and Parish were hit last week with 37 inches of snow in one day.

Is there any relief in sight? While it’s still snowing in parts of the northeast, other parts of the country are expecting a little warm up. Could that be an indication of an early spring?

Signs Of Spring

EL NINO FADEAccording to weather models, El Nino will gradually begin to weaken. February will still hold plenty of winter for much of the country, but by March and April we’ll see some weakening of El Nino. El Nino’s winter effects should be neutral or completely gone by June. Look for a switch over to a warmer than normal weather pattern in April, May, and June.

That’s the good news. Winter still seems to have some surprises up it’s sleeves though.


Northeast Snow Storm On Track For Beginning Of March

Don’t be surprised if we see another snow storm in the Northeast part of the country, sometime during the first half of March. There’s also likely a moderate snow event coming to the Midwest and upper Midwest during the same time frame. It’s even possible we’ll see some of that snow further South. So, keep those snow plows and salt spreaders ready to go.

Winter eases up later in March and by April we’ll be enjoying temperatures and precipitation around normal.

February Through March 2016 Winter Weather Outlook
  1.  February 17 – 29: Temperatures below normal. Snowfall expected February 24 – 26.
  2.  March 1 – 15: Temperatures below normal. Snowfall expected March 2 – 8.
  3.  March 16 – 31: Temperatures near normal. Spring showing signs of life.

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