What OnSpot Does and Their Exciting New Products

Snow Plow News talks to Quinten Tritel, from OnSpot’s Digital Sales and Marketing team to learn about the OnSpot system and what they are bringing to the future of the Snow and Ice industry.

July 27, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

The Onspot Automatic Tire Chain System was invented in Sweden in 1977 and was imported to North America in 1988. The Onspot system is a simple and very reliable concept. OnSpot is an automatic traction device that takes place of a conventional type of chain. It is a wheel fitted with several chains that is lowered and held towards the driving wheels. When the chain wheel rotates the chains are placed under the driving wheels to increase traction. The automatic system that is activated over an air spring solenoid diaphragm. The OnSpot system works with the flip of a switch, so the driver never has to get out of the cab. This system ensures the drivers safety and also adds safety to the vehicle itself to provide better traction in harsh conditions.

A variety of Onspot models are available for either spring or air-suspended vehicles. The system is adaptable to most trucks and buses. The Onspot system is built to absorb shock and to withstand the hostile environment found underneath the truck chassis. The system utilizes chain made of special through-hardened alloys which have been proven to stand the test of time. OnSpot is always trying to improve their coatings on all pieces of equipment due to the harsh environment underneath a truck. OnSpot is also working on options for an all-electric version as well as a few other exciting things to come in the future.

To learn more about OnSpot, visit onspot.com.

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