What is Multihog, and Why is it The Right Choice?

Multihog manufactures and distributes a range of multi-purpose equipment that can be use 365 days a year for many applications. Is Multihog the right choice for you?

June 30, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Multihog is manufactured in Ireland and distributed across the world. Multihog manufactures a range of multi-purpose equipment, their equipment is articulated and they’re between 75 and 130 horsepower. Multihog has a sweeper range, which is a compact sweeper, that is multi-purpose. Multihog also has a tractor range, which is heavier, and bigger with bigger attachments for more snow heavy-duty equipment and generally used for different snow applications. Multihog aims to manufacture equipment that can be used 365 days a year.

Multihog has dealer networks across North America and works closely with dealers to provide sales training and sales services to support all aspects. Multihog also works with a lot of contractors that do residential snow clearing and cleaning. The Multihog units are perfect for contractors clearing parking structures, universities with big campuses, airports, zoos, theme parks and everything in between.

CV Sweeper

The CV multipurpose sweeper is a powerful sidewalk and bike lane sweeper which can be used year-round for various tasks including snow removal and grass mowing.

Compact Range

The compact range is perfect for those who need a maintenance vehicle to work in tight urban spaces, or on the sidewalk. Multihog’s compact range has a reputation for power, comfort and maneuverability.

MX Turbo Range

The MX range is a powerful workhorse series, with different cab sizes to best suit all needs. With 130hp and incredible torque, it’s best suited for tough tasks like heavy-duty snow removal and asphalt planing.

MH Original

The MH model is Multihog’s original and largest machine. Its 75hp engine makes it a top choice for snow removal, sanitation and asphalt repair in unrestricted areas.

To learn more about Multihog, find equipment attachments and to find a dealer, visit multihog.com.

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