What Electrification of Trucks Means for the Snow and Ice Industry

How will the electrification of trucks impact the snow and ice industry? Read more to find out what SPN learns!

June 15, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Terry Wendorff, President of Sno-Way, discusses with Snow Plow News what the snow and ice industry can expect with the electrification of trucks. Wendorff expects the industry will have to do more with less, meaning, electric trucks will only have a certain amount of power available. Manufacturers will need to work smarter and be more efficient to maximize the trucks power with their products. If manufacturers are able to adapt their products to the available power of the electric trucks, nothing will change for the end user.

Wendorff states that Sno-Way will continue to develop their products to meet the needs of the market going forward. Marketing literature indicates that in 2026 to 2030 the market will be 50 percent electrified or more, so there will be some years where contractors will be able to run the motors they want, whether it be an electric or combustion engine. In the meantime, manufacturers will depend on the performance of the electric trucks to determine if the move to electric will be easy or a slower with some learning curves. 

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