Western’s Prodigy Snow Plow Is An Example Of Their Commitment To Quality

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Doug Clark talks about the Western Prodigy Snow Plow and their reputation for high quality plows and innovation.

Western has a reputation for building high quality snow plows and a variety of snow & ice removal equipment. Doug addresses Western’s commitment to maintaining this reputation and pursuing a high degree of quality throughout their product lines. This excellence is due to a constant refinement of current product lines and new product innovation.

Commitment To Innovative Products For Snow & Ice Control

Western Products listens to their customers concerns and prides itself on quality control. Western_snow_plows_logoAccording to Doug, they are currently addressing some issues five or six customers have had with a product, nationwide. These refinements make current product lines better suited for the job and new products more efficient. A key concern for Western’s product development team is to design snow & ice products that provide more profitability for the end user. That increased profitability comes from more efficiency and innovative solutions to issues faced on the job.

Western continues to invest in R&D for improved snow and ice control products built for on-truck and off-truck applications.

The Western Prodigy Is A Refinement Of The Popular Hinged Wing Plow

prodigy snowplowProdigy is a refinement of the popular hinged wing Wide-Out by Western. The Prodigy makes use of mechanical as opposed to hydraulic linkage. It’s designed for improved plowing efficiency whether you’re wind-rowing or scooping. The multi-position wing system adjusts automatically for optimum plowing. This design does remove some control compared to the Wide-Out snowplow, but the flexibility and simplicity of operation makes this an excellent option. It’s operated by simple up/down, left/right controls.

The Prodigy employs trip blade protection with four heavy duty coil springs. The wing protection comes from coil compression springs and cable assembly. These work in concert to protect the blade and wings from harm caused by striking an unseen object.

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Check out Western Products’ full line of snow and ice removal products at their website or find a dealer nearest you.

Brent Jarvis for SnowPlowNews