Western’s New Products For Truck & Non-Truck Snow & Ice Applications

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Mike Stevens talks to Doug Clark about Western’s focus on new technologies and innovations for their new product lines. They also discuss the new non-truck snow plows.


Western Products‘ intention to focus on innovation in the years ahead will undoubtedly Western_snow_plows_logolead to some exciting new commercial products for snow & ice removal. While they’ll be primarily developing new truck snowplow applications for their core commercial market, they’ve brought along some non-truck plows to this particular show.

New Snow Removal Product Lines Available For Skid-Steers

plows_for_skid-steersWestern has introduced the Prodigy & Pro Plus Lines for the skid-steer. Both new plows are available with a universal mounting plate for quick hook-ups. Auxiliary hydraulics from the skid-steer are used to run the blades. Both are also built with a heavy-duty A-frame design featuring a reinforced steel box.

Prodigy Snow Plow For Skid-Steers

A new mechanical wing design is a key feature on the new Prodigy plow. It’s designed to automatically position the wings for optimum plowing efficiency. It allows the user to operate the blade in multiple positions or as a straight blade. The flexibility of the design is what increases it’s productivity.

The Prodigy sports a 29 ½ inch, 12-gauge steel moldboard with trip blade protection and a rugged, heavy duty supporting cast to keep it functioning at peak performance for years.

Pro Plus Snow Plow For Skid-Steers

The Pro Plus line was developed for heavy-duty commercial or light municipal operations. It is built in 8ft, 8.5ft and 9ft widths as a rugged straight blade to handle the brutal skid-steer workload. It features a powder coated steel blade that is 31 ½ inches tall with a ½ inch thick, 6 inch carbon steel cutting edge. The blade has a trip feature with heavy-duty coil springs and shock absorbers to protect it from unseen obstacles.

Western’s PILE DRIVER Containment Plow For Wheel Loaders

wheel loader pile driver contain plowAs you might expect for big equipment, the PILE DRIVER is engineered to handle extreme conditions and then ask for seconds. Everything about this plow is beefier and more structurally sound to accommodate it’s use on big machines. The quick attachment system provides support and structural integrity in all the right places.

The Western MVP 3 Flared V-Plow For Busting Big Snow Drifts

mvp3_studioThis V-Plow comes in 7ft 6in, 8ft 6in, and 9ft 6in sizes. The wings improve the carrying capacity and snow rolling performance while it’s trip edge design protects the plow and operator from immovable objects. The MVP 3 V-Plow is stronger, more durable, and better looking than it’s predecessors. It’s also available in 14-gauge stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance. The new Nighthawk Halogen Headlamps blast through the nastiest winter snowstorms.

We’re anxious to see the upcoming new product launches from Western. Stay tuned for more innovations and technology coming out of the Western R&D department. To find a Western equipment dealer nearest you, click the link. Or, follow up by taking a look at the Western snow & ice product line.



Brent Jarvis for SnowPlowNews