Western Products New Tailgate Salt Spreaders

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Doug Clark shares the latest innovations in tailgate salt and sand spreaders from Western Products.

Western is a well-known name in the snow and ice removal business. They’re located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and manufacture Contractor Grade snow plows, a variety of hopper and tailgate mounted spreaders, parts and plow accessories.



Western’s Brand New LOW PRO 300W Wireless Tailgate Salt Spreader


The 300W is sure to become a popular winter item. It’s a nifty wireless spreader that comes with a 2 inch receiver hitch and plugs into an existing 7-pin trailer plug. If your vehicle is wired for a trailer, plug in the 300W and you’re ready to go. No additional wiring is necessary. The convenience of the wireless, plug-in-play design makes using this spreader extremely simple and easy-to-use.

Western 300W SpreaderLOW PRO 300W Features:

  1. Wireless control – 2 spinner speeds
  2. 12-volt electric motor – fully enclosed heavy duty motor
  3. 10 inch reinforced, corrosion free resin spinner
  4. Mounts easily to 1-ton or smaller trucks, SUVs, UTVs and tractors
Western Replaces The Pro-Flo 2 With Two New 2-Stage Spreaders


The Pro-Flo 2 was an older design, so the R&D team at Western came up with some new and improved spreaders to replace it. Tailgate spreaders come in a couple different types. The 1-stage spreader only spreads salt while the 2-stage spreader handles salt, sand, or a mix of both.

The Pro-Flo 525 is a 2-stage spreader that carries a 5.25 cubic foot material capacity. That’s up to 420 lbs of bagged or bulk salt, sand, or mix. It’s 10 inch reinforced resin spinner is capable of spreading material in a pattern up to 30 feet.

The Pro-Flo 900 is also a 2-stage spreader. The 900 boasts a 9 cubic foot hopper and holds up to 720 lbs of material. It has a larger spinner (12 inch) that can spread salt, sand or a combination in a pattern up to 40 feet.


Pro-Flo 525 and Pro-Flo 900 Features:

  1. Dual electric motors are sealed from the elements, protecting it from corrosion
  2. Dual variable speed controllers allows the user to customize the delivery and spread patterns to make a more efficient use of material. The simple control alerts the user when adjustments are needed and when the hopper is empty
  3. Heavy duty powder coated, horizontal steel auger
  4. Spinners are made of a nylon/glass reinforced resin that provides long lasting performance through many winters to come
  5. Standard 12-volt inverted V-shaped vibrator helps break up material in the hopper and insures a smooth material flow through to the spinner

To find a Western Products dealer or to get more information on the full line of winter, snow and ice removal equipment, visit their website.



Brent Jarvis for SnowPlowNews