Western Pro Plus HD – Brand New Heavy Contractor Plow

This year, we’re excited about Western’s brand new heavy contractor plow. In the past, this segment was served by their Heavy-Way, which is an older plow that did not have the Uni-mount platform or Fleet Flex Electronics. These improvements bring this plow up to the top of the list for larger jobs.

Easy Installation and Removal

The Western Pro Plus HD is an UltraMount® 2 for easy installation and removal, Fleet Flex Electronics for true interchangeability with a Pro Plus blade platform. With the plow at 10 feet long and 34 inches high, this plow is qualified for any task with no parking lot or street being too much. This modern plow was built for the heavy contractor Class 4 to 6 truck segment for clearing the pavement efficiently. Large and strong, the Pro Plus HD is here to help.

Along with the product development, Western is creating a list of applications specific to Class 6 truck mounts like the F650s or Navistars that have not had in the past. The heavy weight had a universal mount that the contractors assembled themselves. This improvement really brings this plow up to speed with the rest of the line similar to their launch of the Defender last year.

Western’s heaviest plow line is designed for heavy-duty contractor work. Let the newest addition to their line assist you in managing the task at hand. Built strong, robust and more universal for contractors to get more jobs done faster.

Western Wide-Out