Western Developing New IMPACT Snow Plows For UTVs

This edition of SnowPlowNews puts the camera on Doug Clark who describes the up and coming UTV IMPACT snowplows for Western.

Western Products carries a full line of snow plows for commercial applications and light municipal operations. They also offer a range of hopper and tailgate mounted sand and salt spreaders, along with a full line of parts and plow accessories.



Western Planning New Entries Into The Non-Truck Snow & Ice Market



The news at Western is that they are getting ready to introduce two new plows. The video shows a couple prototype versions of the plow which will not be available this season. This is a relatively new market for Western, whose truck plows are well known amongst snow and ice professionals. The 300W Wireless Spreader is also a recent new product entry into this market. Although the 300W can be outfitted on trucks as well, it’s gaining popularity in the non-truck segment.

Non-truck applications are gaining interest as landscapers, homeowners, and snow and ice professionals are looking for ways to keep their UTVs and other non-truck vehicles more productive throughout the year. Whether it’s equipping the UTV with a salt spreader or blade, it’s more valuable as an all-season tool.

Western IMPACT SnowPlow Designed Specifically For UTVs

Impact UTV V-plow


The new IMPACT plows are designed to specifically target the non-truck market. For owners of UTVs like the Kubota, John Deere Gator or other brand, this is just for you. There are currently two models in design and engineering with prototypes being shown off at snow and ice conferences to generate buzz and enthusiasm.

1. 6′ Straight Blade with full-trip moldboard
2. 6′ V-Plow with trip-edge protection

While the IMPACT plows are not available yet, you can be sure a full-court marketing blitz will ensue whenever they are ready for distribution.

You’ll have to check back here for more information on the upcoming new releases from Western. Check out Western Products’ full line of snow and ice removal products at their website or find a dealer nearest you.



Brent Jarvis for SnowPlowNews