Weather Apps are for Amateurs

Snow Plow News talks to Neoweather about why private weather forecasting for the snow and ice industry is better for business and your bottom line.

September 8, 2021 | Dawn Krueger

Weather apps are fine when trying to decide if a picnic will get rained out or not, but when your business relies on accurate weather forecasting, it’s simply not enough. Snow contractors need to have accurate, detailed forecasts from experts who focus on the issues that really matter for their business. That’s where a service like Neoweather comes in. Neoweather provides 24/7 accurate private forecasting that focuses on YOUR snow operation and YOUR coverage area.

Private Weather Forecasting for Snow Removal Companies

With incredibly accurate, custom forecasting that focuses on your service areas, you can be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. This will help you stay ahead of the storm on supplies, staff and equipment scheduling. And most importantly, it will help maximize your productivity and profit margins! All forecasts are broken down into great detail by the hour to anticipate temperature, dew point, precipitation, and snowfall amount. Reporting also includes wind updates for every 3 hours, impact details, forecast confidence details, snow/ice details, and other details too. You won’t just know when snow is coming and how much, you will know the type of snow that’s falling and all the details needed to choose what product to use to combat the storm. Neoweather even includes recommendations for salt, plow and pre-treatment.

Neoweather Private Forecasting - Makes Weather Easy

The other nice thing about a private weather forecasting service like Neoweather is that they don’t expect you to be a meteorologist – they break down the forecast for you in a way that is not only understandable, but applicable to your business. They know you don’t have time to sort through information and make predictions, so they do it for you. Partnering with experienced meteorologists that customize forecasts for your industry and geographic area increases safety, customer satisfaction and profit!

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