Watch for a Wet Week + Some Snow!

The wet pattern continues this week with lots of rain in most of the country as several systems move through. Then late in the week the Pacific Northwest kicks up a storm that is likely to cause widespread snow across the northern states.

3/10/20 Weekly Weather Forecast from Neoweather

Tuesday kicks off with a rainy system in the East that won’t stick around long and some potential wet snow might hit Wisconsin and the Great Lakes on Wednesday while scattered showers cover the Southeast. Then the Rockies will see some widespread pockets of snow that don’t do much but then more rain develops in the Tennesee Valley up into the Ohio Valley on Thursday. No one needs more rain in those areas, but get ready because it’s coming!

Friday the 13th lives up to its name by wreaking a little havoc with a Gulf Coast system that we haven’t seen in a while. It will bring a band of almost solid rain from Los Angeles all the way east to Alabama. That system will move north and might even bring some snow to Albuquerque, the Texas Panhandle, and up into Denver. Meanwhile, more snow rustles up in the Northwest.

3/13/20 Weather Map
3/13/20 Weather Map

Cold air and moisture are expected to cause that Northwest system to become pretty widespread snow by Sunday. It will start off by covering Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, the Dakotas with snow, then as it moves east that snow will stay further north but cause lots of rain over the eastern half of the country early next week.

Temperatures are expected to continue to stay warmer than average overall, with just a few shots of slightly colder than average temps a couple of days coming down from Canada. But moderate weather and a warmer than usual March is expected to continue.

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