V-Plow for ½ Ton with Optional Scoop Kit Sure to Impress

Scott Moorman from Buyers Products talks to Snow Plow News about the new VMXII 75 features and what makes Buyers plows really great.

April 19, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

Snow Plow News met up with Scott Moorman from Buyers Products to interview him about the Buyers VMXII 75 v-plow. Keep reading to see what he had to say, or watch the video for the full interview.

Buyers is focused on expanding their v-plow line and is really excited about the VMX 75, which is a 500 pound v-plow that fits onto half-ton trucks. Trucks keep getting lighter, their capacities keep getting lower, so the industry needed a 500 pound v-plow that could hold up to the demands that contractors put on them. Buyers is trying to cater to the trucks that are out on the market.

The VMXII 75 now has a scoop kit that extends the plow to 8 feet, which covers a lot of ground and gives it a nice little scoop. The VMX plows are lighter weight, they hold up great and are perfect for half-ton trucks. “V-Plows for 1/2 ton trucks are a long time coming as half-ton trucks are the best selling class of all trucks. I like the option to add the 6-inch scoop wing – this is rare and a welcome addition for any plower. Expect this to become a very popular plow in the SnowDogg line”, said Mike Stevens, Publisher of snowplownews.com. 

These plows are great for homeowners or small contractors that need to clean up a parking lot or foremen on a job site that need a cleanup crew. These plow operators don’t want to lug around a 9 foot commercial plow. Buyers has seen the market shift to v-plows because operators really appreciate the value of being able to cut through drifts and maneuver snow around like you can’t do with a straight blade.

Want to know more about the VMXII 75? Visit buyersproducts.com to learn more.

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