UTV + Plow + Spreader = A Winter Crushing Machine!

UTV plow and spreader from Sno-Way

Sno-Way Equips UTVs For Big Snow Removal

UTVs hit the market as outstanding snow removal machines about 4-5 years ago. Since that time, Sno-Way has become a front runner by creating effective solutions to work with these machines. Check out their UTV Flared V Plow and salt spreader system. It’s a small plow with a big appetite for snow!

Sno-Way’s UTV plow and spreader combination replace the need to do things manually with a walk-behind snowblower and spreading salt on foot. Now you can clear snow and spread ice melt evenly all at once going 5+ miles per hour, drastically reducing your labor time and expenses. Clearing snow and ice from sidewalks and small spaces has never been easier and more effective!

What Makes Sno-Way’s UTV Plow Special?

Snow clearance is vital with UTV plows since they are already lower to the ground than full-size trucks. Sno-Way knows this and does it right! Their UTV plow has a mounting system that tucks up underneath the UTV so you don’t reduce your ground clearance. Their mounting system also goes on and off with total ease and the plow is mounted close to the UTV so the extra weight out in front doesn’t require a support system to keep it high enough. The experts at Sno-Way know the issues that UTV plow drivers face and they’ve moved those issues to the forefront of their design specs.

Sno-Way UTV Finder Tool

Not sure which Sno-Way plow is best for your UTV? Check out Sno-Way’s UTV Finder Tool.

Sno-Way UTV Finder Tool

Compact & Versatile UTV Plow

Mounts are available for many brands of UTVs and the Sno-Way UTV plow is designed to work with a wireless control to reduce connectors even further. The fewer connectors the better in snow and ice! The flares are easy to adjust to different sizes. In the straight setting, the width is 72.5 inches. At scoop (with the flares forward all the way), it’s at 61 inches wide. When set at the maximum angle the snow plowed path is 64 inches, and in the V position, the width is 67 inches. The wings are controlled by hydraulics when they go out, with a quick spring return. This plow also has a 32-inch lift.

Sno-Way UTV Snowplow Video

Snow Plow News caught up with Terry Wendorff from Sno-Way to talk about their UTV plow and spreader combination. Check out the full video below.

Interested in learning more about Sno-Way and their UTV plow and spreader system? Check them out online!

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