User Review of Sno-Way Snow Plow 26R

Mike Stevens with Snow Plow News corners Mike, the guy plowing the lot over at Snow Plow News, to find out how he likes his plow.

Mike is plowing with a Sno-Way International 26R Blade using a Chevy ½ ton SUV. He choose the plow because it fit on his truck and because it has Sno-Way’s Down Pressure technology (uses hydraulic pressure to keep the blade hugging the ground).

What is Mike’s verdict about the Sno-Way 26R? Mike likes the plow. This plow cleans to the pavement nicely, is compact but can move a lot of snow, likes the hydraulic wings which can be moved with a controller to meet his moment to moment needs.

This owner was wondering if he liked the controller at first and said it works great, just needed a bit of time to get used to the controller. Now he can work the controller with one hand while driving with the other.

Mike also likes the down pressure. When it snowed and then immediately hardened with extreme cold, the down pressure helped ensure the surface was cleaned while plowing.

Mike also loved the hookup. “It’s an easy hookup, a real easy hookup.” I am sure the folks at Sno-Way Intl. would be pleased to note their hard work on this plow is pleasing its customers.

Mike was definitely pleased with the plow and would recommend the plow to other people.

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Editor’s note: This is an interesting plow/vehicle configuration because the Sno-Way 26R can move a full 3.6 cubic yards of snow yet he has it on a little 1/2 ton vehicle. We can tell you most plows that can move that much snow do not fit on that small a vehicle.

With the SUV this owner is using, there is not a lot of weight that can be put in the rear like you can with a truck bed. With most plows, it would be hard to move that much snow with such a small vehicle. The owner of the plow had the down pressure configuration which allows for better weight distribution of the vehicle while plowing, the better weight distribution makes for faster plowing with more control.

Sno-Way’s down pressure technology does the same for its bigger plows on bigger trucks allowing even the big trucks to easily move more snow.