Ultimate Control with the Meyer Super Blade

Greg Blankenheim, Director of Sales for Meyer Products talks with Snow Plow News about the features and benefits of the Super Blade.

March 1, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

The Meyer Super Blade is the largest and strongest adjustable plow of its kind on the market. At the press of a button, it expands from 8’ to 10.5’, or anywhere in between. And the flared wings extend as a pair or independently. It features a full-trip moldboard, industry leading ground clearance, Nite Saber LED lights, a 32” high moldboard, 36” high outer adjustable flared wings and heavy-duty rams, so you can take on the toughest plowing jobs.

The Super Blade angles using heavy-duty 2” x 10” rams, and a 2” x 9” lift ram, to lift the plow with ease. The Super Blade’s 32” high moldboard and 36” outer adjustable wings boast the tallest in their class, giving you unprecedented plowing efficiency. All Meyer carbon steel moldboards are painted with Meyer Dura-Slick™ Paint. This automotive-style paint with Teflon® is baked on to the steel for durability and better snow-rolling action.

The Meyer Super Blade plow comes equipped with brilliant Nite Saber® LED lights. They are brighter than standard lights, they have a longer life expectancy and draw less power from your electrical system. Nite Saber® lights are fully adjustable and iso-mounted to resist vibration.

The driving force behind every Meyer snow plow is a reliable and responsive hydraulic system. The Super Blade’s Standard Operating System has a streamlined appearance with an encased power unit and patented cable management system for reliable service. The hydraulic system also features an adjustable drop speed to handle various plowing conditions and meet operator preferences. 

The outer wings are reinforced with ribs to let you take on the toughest plowing jobs. Meyer is the only plow manufacturer to employ continuously-welded outside ribs on their plows, increasing the plow’s strength and performance. The Super Blade features six trip springs evenly spaced on the backside of the plow. Each can be quickly and easily adjusted wherever you are. The Super Blade can also be customized to accommodate up to eight springs.

Meyer manufactured the Super Blade to attach and detach in minutes with a simpler 2-plug electrical attachment. Meyer’s free-standing jack stand allows you to adjust the Super Blade’s height on uneven or shifting surfaces, making on/off easy in any condition. Meyer uses only slot and tab construction to give you a more robust, precise-fitting plow.

Meyer’s exclusive pistol grip controller allows you to move the wings in and out, and stop at any point, with the push of a button. It also features real-time diagnostics that allows you to easily and accurately isolate the issue so you can resolve it and get back to work.

The Super Blade is engineered and built with Meyer’s Reliable Over-time Construction (ROC) system. ROC combines ongoing manufacturing improvements with state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality control procedures to deliver a more rugged and reliable product you and your business can count on. Plus the Super Blade is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Overall, the Meyer Super Blade is a powerful and versatile snowplow that is well-suited for commercial and industrial snow removal applications.

To learn more about the Meyer Super Blade or to find a dealer, visit meyerproducts.com

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