The Snow Removal Equivalent to Uber?

SnoHub made it first splash this month launching an app that matches snow removal contractors with clients just like Uber matches drivers and riders.  Founder James Albis makes it all sound easy.  Contractors and customers just download the app to their smartphone and get connected.

As founder Albis puts it, “At SnoHub we connect our customers with great people by leveraging innovative mobile technology.”  It only takes about 10 minutes to sign up in order to make money.

What’s Great About SnoHub?

For the contractor, it is an easy way to pick up nearby residential jobs without the long and sometimes expensive process of finding and then landing new clients.  For the client, the app gives them one place to go with a promise of quick service and easy payment.

The process works like this.  Contractors and clients go to download the SnoHub app.  Once the app is downloaded, you enter the basic information to get you enrolled.  For the contractor, this means you tell the app what services you offer like snow plowing, salting, etc.  For the client, you specify what services you want and how much area there is to clear.

When a winter event hits, SnoHub does the work of bringing together clients and providers quickly with no more work than checking your phone.  Initial testing last winter proved the app to have wide appeal.

How Does SnoHub Work?

When a snowstorm comes heading your way, clients open up the app and request service.  The request will include what services are needed and the homeowner can even include notes like “Watch out for my four-foot gnome by the garage.”

After the request is in the system, snow contractors can see there is a nearby request for service.  A nearby contractor lets SnoHub know he or she will do the job via the app.  SnoHub will give the homeowner a timeline of when to expect the services will start and be completed.  You won’t get calls asking, “How come you haven’t done MY driveway yet?”

Upon arrival, the contractor takes a quick “before” picture in the app to show the work that needs to be done and the number of inches of snow on the property.

Once the job is complete, the contractor again uses the phone to take pictures in the SnoHub app proving the services are done.

How Does a Contractor Get Paid?

The contractor gets paid based on the number of services contracted, the snow depth, and the amount of area that needs to be cleared of snow.  SnoHub charges the client’s credit card when the job is done and shortly after that the contractor gets money sent to their account.  Could making money be any easier?

Albis is optimistic about the average snow contractor’s future with SnoHub.  The app “creates a closer connection to buyers and sellers of snow plow services.”

Albis also noted that the app, “takes out the inefficiencies in the industry, replacing manual processes with an app.”  In other words, there are no phone calls, no quotes, no knocking on the door for payments, etc.  The app allows the snow removal contractor to remove snow and get on to the next job without bothering the homeowner.

Is SnoHub Right for Me?

It is really easy to see how this works for contractors that are just “a guy and a truck,” but what about more established contractors?  The app will allow current contractors to maximize the use of their team’s time by finding nearby jobs to “fill out” the workload with no up-front investment.

If you are in a neighborhood already, you mine as well get that job a half block away, right?  If you can flip the neighborhood you are in from one to three jobs, the trip to that street just got more profitable.

There is a cap in each geographic location that limits the number of contractors to ensure there is plenty of work to go around.  The SnowHub team also created a way to charge customers for services outside of the standard services offered in the app, so if a client asks you to clear snow off their lawn gnomes, you have a way to bill for that too (assuming you like to clean gnomes for a little extra pay).

The best way to see the power of using SnoHub to accelerate your snow removal income is to download the SnoHub app.  Download the app and check it out today!

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