This Week’s Weather & Summer Forecast Preview

If you are in the Upper Midwest, Kansas City region, or around the Gulf of Mexico, you are going to want to pay extra close attention to the weather this week. Storms are coming and some might be a bit concerning. See Brian Ivey’s forecast and a sneak peek at Summer 2020 expectations below.

6/2/20 Weather Forecast from Neoweather

Today or tomorrow there is a risk of threatening weather in the Upper Midwest region including the Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and the Ohio Valley. That system brings the potential for rain and the possibility of severe storms in some spots.

The key weather term of the week is “ridging.” The big area of ridging in the Midwest means the weather starts off quiet this week, with high pressure that keeps skies relatively sunny in most of the country. Then the troughing on the edges of that ridging can cook up some nasty storms. That’s what we’re likely to see this week…. storms popping up on the edges of the ridging. All the action and energy this week is north of the ridging.

Weather Map Showing Ridging
Weather Map Showing Ridging

By Thursday the ridging and troughing activity will have moved through and Neoweather expects us to see much more of a scattered rain situation. Those rainy systems are unorganized but seem to start off over the eastern half of the country first, then the western states get some precipitation too by the weekend. Nothing is expected to be severe aside from the Tropical Storm that’s kicking up in the Gulf of Mexico. The trajectory on that storm looks like it will collide with the Gulf Coast and Florida by Saturday. Most of it will cover the Florida Panhandle.

Monday is expected to bring a cold air blast to the Pacific Northwest which will cool things down a bit. There may even be some snow in the higher elevations. This overall cooling will last a week or so in that area, while the rest of the country remains warm.

Summer 2020 Expected Temperatures

Summer 2020 Temperature Expectations Map
Summer 2020 Temperature Expectations

A warm summer with relatively mild temperatures is expected this year. You can see from the map above that there are areas of slightly above or below average temperatures, but the only area expected to be well above average is the West Coast – specifically California and Utah. The rest of the country should only have mild variations from averages overall.

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