The New SnowDogg “SuperJ” Municipal Snow Plow is Super Awesome!

Will the Welder talks with Frank Dickerson from Buyers Products to discuss the features of the new SnowDogg SuperJ snow plow. This big kahuna gets it’s name from its “J” curl blade shape instead of the standard “C” curl on most plows. This design helps keep the snow down for better visibility even at higher speeds, making it an ideal plow for both interstate highways and city streets. It’s available in 10, 11, and 12-foot lengths with the option of having a moldboard in carbon steel, stainless steel, or polycarbonate.

The SnowDogg SuperJ is not only designed for high speeds, but it’s also built to take big hits and not break. It has a trip edge with the bottom section made of stainless steel, unlike most plows. The outboard cylinder design allows the framework of the plow to stay much closer to the truck to improve the turning radius and reduce strain on the truck’s front axle. The SuperJ has a 47-1/2″ tall moldboard that pivots 35 degrees from the bulldoze position to provide outstanding control over where the snow is pushed. It also has the ability to switch the plowing direction from left to right on-the-fly for ultimate maneuverability and flexibility to different conditions.

SnowDogg SuperJ Municipal Snow Plow
SnowDogg SuperJ Municipal Snow Plow

Here is a breakdown of all the highlights of the SuperJ snowplow from Buyers:

  • Designed for both high speeds or urban streets
  • Unique J-shaped blade curl keeps snow low and away from the driver’s line of vision
  • A full width 4 inch push tube gives makes this plow extra strong and rigid
  • Powerful reverse and angle with nitrided outboard cylinders
  • Specially designed to ride close to the truck for tight turns and less front axle strain
  • Long lasting king pin with manganese bronze bushing
  • 3 inch trip edge standard to protect from impact
  • Switch discharge direction on-the-fly from driver side to passenger side
  • All material options include stainless steel bottom section
  • 10-12 foot length options
  • Swivel plate attachment for easy mounting

Would you like to get more information on this new municipal plow from Buyers? Just contact SnowDogg today!