The Innovation Behind Sno-Way’s RVB Salt Spreaders

Snow Plow News interviews Terry Wendorff, President of Sno-Way, to learn why Sno-Way’s line of v-box spreaders are uniquely innovative in the industry.

April 5, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

The Best Salt Spreader on the Market

The RVB salt spreader family is a full line of spreaders starting at the RVB10 a 10-cubic-foot capacity for UTV and light-duty trucks up to RVB4300 a 4.3-cubic-yard capacity for Class 6 and 7 trucks. The RBV spreaders can flow more types of materials than any other spreader and deliver a consistent flow and spread pattern. Sno-Way’s President Terry Wendorff told SPN why he believes this line of salt spreaders are the best, “I believe the auger system is the best spreader for the operator focused on efficiency. The auger drive combined with the robust controller functionality allows for maximum flow control. When the user pairs the auger drive spreader with a pre-wet system this provides even more effectiveness as an anti-icing toolset. If the user does not care as much about flow control, then the chain system will be their product of choice. Keep in mind, though, that pintle-chain drive systems will require more maintenance and will be more expensive to repair.” 

Sno-Way’s streamlined design for maintenance and service, their patented inverted Vee System, and their patented RS Control system sets these auger spreaders apart from the rest of the spreaders on the market. We will cover the these three aspects one by one so you can see why Sno-Way’s RVB salt spreaders are the best on the market.

Maintenance First

The maintenance and service of these spreaders starts out at the beginning of the design process. The process starts with a stainless-steel frame that is E-coated, then top coated with powder paint to provide maximum protection from the harsh environments in the snow and ice removal business. Then a high flow hopper is molded to assist the flow of the materials that are going to be used in the spreader. 

The auger and motor assembly can be removed from the hopper as one piece so any maintenance can be done outside of the hopper and inside of your shop for easy and comfortable work. Special self-lubricating bearings are used, so you do not need to go to multiple fittings on the spreader and add grease to them.

A Better Way to Spread More Materials

The patented Inverted Vee system is designed to be adjustable so you can change the configurations, so you can flow many different materials. Sno-Way’s owner’s manual provides a chart that guides you to the proper setting depending on the material type. Then Sno-Way developed an augur that had the ability to handle the different materials and move them to the spinner with a controlled flow rate. These two things together would be enough to revolutionize salt spreaders, but Sno-Way wanted to add one more thing…

You Are In Control

To make sure that this auger spreader would be able to spread multiple types of material, Sno-Way developed their patented smart RS Control. This control does it all, it monitors the flow and controls the output to the spinner. It does this by controlling the vibrators, wetting system, and speed of the auger. If you are flowing sand and the salt starts to bridge, the system will automatically turn on the vibrators to break the material up, so it drops to the auger.

To ensure that when the sand drops on the auger the additional load doesn’t overload the auger, the system will automatically increase the power to the auger to maintain the flow that the speed setting requires.  At the same time, the control turns off the vibrators. So, the system works like cruise control on your truck when you go up a hill the system will automatically increase the power to the truck and when you go down the hill it will automatically reduce the power.

Additionally, if you are using Sno-Way’s optional wetting system and you decrease the auger speed, the control will automatically decrease the wetting system output, so you maintain the correct amount of wetting mix in the system.  This control handles the output of the RVB spreader and the operator drives the truck and can concentrate on driving the truck.

Get The Best Salt Spreader On The Market Now

Sno-Way thought of the contractor first when designing the REVOLUTION V-Box salt spreaders. Start to finish they were designed with you in mind!  All that is left is to get the best one for you! Contact the closest distributor and they will be happy to help you figure out the snow and ice management equipment that is right for your vehicle and business.

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