The Iceman Cometh… With Snow and a Wintery Mix too!

This week brings a wintery mix of rain, snow and ice depending on where you are located. The models on this vary a lot, but one thing is for sure – it won’t be a boring week!

2/4/20 Weather Forecast from Neoweather

This week kicks off with rain and warmer temperatures in the South that will be surging north and colliding with a cold front today. Early Wednesday brings the first taste of another wintery mix all the way down in Oklahoma and Texas. It moves northeast through Kansas and the Midwest up into Illinois and Indiana. It turns into snow by Thursday when it hits Michigan and continues to move northeast. As you can imagine, the northern half of this system will see snow (some heavy), the middle area will see a wintery mix and areas on the southern end of this system will start with rain and turn to ice once it hits cold surfaces. There will be some pretty decent amounts of precipitation through Thursday in the Northeast.

2/6/20 Weather System will have snow, a wintery mix and ice
2/6/20 Weather System will have snow, a wintery mix and ice

This system will bring impressive amounts of snow over the Great Lakes and up into Ontario and Quebec. The southern end of this system will have heavy rain that is sometimes severe.

This weekend the Rockies will have an active snowy pattern while there is more rain in the south. The northern U.S. will see a clipper move through on Sunday and Monday that will bring some snow in just the northern states.

Expected Snowfall Totals Next Week

Models vary quite a bit for the Upper Midwest and Northeast snowfall totals. The exact impact will be determined by how things shift north and south. However, Neoweather states with confidence that the Rockies will see some serious accumulation again next week.

Week of 2/4/20 Weather Maps from Neoweather brought to you by Snow Plow News

Cold temps have been anchored in the across the West and will continue, but warmer than average temperatures will push into the deep south.

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