The BOSS Snowrator Lowers Your Labor Needs!

The BOSS Snowrator is a 4 foot hydraulic snowplow that helps contractors clean up sidewalks in a snap. It has gotten a lot of buzz because many contractors have said it will help replace 3-5 shovelers. Since it’s so hard to find good employees, this thing is a God-send! It will plow and salt all in one pass if you add a BOSS drop spreader or broadcast spreader, plus it comes with a brine tank in the belly too so you can plow, salt and brine all in one swipe!

It has a 4 wheel drive, zero-turn radius like a skid steer to get you through anything Mother Nature throws at us quickly, along with down pressure ability for ultimate scraping. In fact, the plow system has both float and active down pressure to meet any needs you might have. The 20 inch tall blade is sized right to get the job done and it has a poly skin for improved durability when compared to other plows.

BOSS Snowrator Sidewalk Snow Plow in action

Sidewalk Snow Plow with Extreme Agility, Productivity & Durability

The Snowrator has the capability to put down both anti-icing and de-icing products. It comes standard with a 20 gallon anti-icing brine system and you can add an optional auxiliary brine tank with two de-icing solid material spreaders to drop or spread ice melt. Choose your ammo for combating the storm! This bad boy gets the job done good and fast! It moves up to 5 mph clearing your sidewalks in a breeze, all while putting down your choice of product to keep them that way. It reduces your need for shovelers, maximizes productivity, and ultimately – profitability! It runs on a reliable Honda GX 390 engine. Snowrators don’t call in sick and are always clean up the next storm in a flash!