The Best Chevy Trucks with Plow Prep Package

Chevy trucks were on full display at the Work Truck Show. We talked with them about their snowplow prep package and their features.

October 13, 2021 | Dawn Krueger

Chevy 3500 HD Plow Prep at 2020 Work Truck Show

We tracked down Dan Tiggis from GM Fleet Operations at the Work Truck Show to talk about the new lineup of Chevy heavy-duty trucks for snowplowing. According to Dan, the heavy-duty Chevy trucks “have been redesigned to specifically make installing plows easier than ever.” When plowing with a Chevy HD truck, it would be very difficult to overload the front axles based on the expanded gross axle weight ratings. Chevy also makes an engine that gives contractors the low-end torque they need for doing a lot of stops and starts while plowing.

2020 Chevy V8 Engine

Chevy Plow Prep Package

These trucks have a long reputation for being reliable and durable, especially in the snow and ice management industry. This year Chevy continues its tradition of being tough and powerful and adds even more punch for getting plow jobs done fast and easy. The Snow Plow Prep Package gives drivers an upgraded 220 amp alternator, higher gross axle weight ratings for even the heaviest plows, and even easier connections for installing plows. 

“Avoid trucks that don’t have a snowplow prep package because the snow plow prep package ensures that you’re gonna have the capability that you need in a snow-type environment,” said Dan Tiggis from GM.

When the Chevy Silverado HD was debuted, Chevrolet was proud to announce its 52% increase in max towing capacity up to 35,500 pounds. In fact, they dramatically increased the towing capacity across all Chevy lines. You know how that works – more towing capacity means more power for plowing heavy snow too. In addition, the new 6.6L V-8 gas engine is more powerful with a notable 22% increase in torque. The new Silverado HD is also equipped with incredible upgrades to visibility around the truck. It offers up to 15 unique camera views, including HD Surround Vision, Bed View, an industry-first transparent trailer view, and an accessory camera.

Chevy Heavy Duty Trucks for Snowplowing

Check out the complete video below from our discussion with Dan Tiggis at the Work Truck Show. If you’d like to read about other trucks with a Snow Plow Prep Package, check out more of the Snow Plow News blog.

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