The Arctic Sectional Sno-Wing™ is Here!

Jon Pinckney, Regional Sales Manager for Arctic Snow and Ice Products talks with Snow Plow News about the features and benefits of the all new Sectional Sno-Wing™.

September 19, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Arctic has developed the first-ever hydraulically-controlled sectional wing plow. This plow is an adjustable wing-plow that has all the advantages of an Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher™ and an Arctic Sectional Sno-Plow™ in one unit. Arctic’s patented and unmatched Sectional features and benefits allow the plow to self-level and contour to the pavement, trip over obstacles and sheer-off hard pack snow and ice, scraping down to bare pavement in a single pass.

Arctic is known for their innovative sectional technology. A few features that make up the sectional technology include independent sectional moldboards, an impact absorbing polyblock design, pin-in-place, pivoting slip-hitch mounting system and AR400 spring-loaded tripping cutting edges. 

The Sectional Sno-Wing™ plow has free-floating wings that are hydraulically adjustable between plow-mode and pusher-mode. This wing plow has hydraulic power angling that allows the plow to angle up to 25 degrees left and right. The mechanical design of the wing pivots up and down on the plow frame just like the popular Sectional Sno-Pusher™, giving you greater trip ability when encountering obstacles like curb lines or parking islands, allowing the trip edge to go back, but also the wing to tilt up! The design of the free-floating wings reduces the blow and stress to the machine when you do encounter an obstacle, which is extremely important, as operators can damage their wings when the plow can’t properly trip over obstacles. The wings also come back independently nearly 90 degrees forming a straight blade to back drag from a garage door or a loading dock to get up much closer to that obstacle. The wing plow also has a unique floating, AR400 spring-loaded tripping cutting edges on each wing.

The impact-absorbing polyblock design allows this wing-plow to conform to the pavement and get a better scrape with the mechanical end panels that contour as well. The curvature of the moldboards allows snow to roll off to the side and shear off hard pack snow and ice that’s sometimes generated in a high traffic parking lot.

The control system for the Arctic Sectional Sno-Wing™ runs through your standard 14-pin connection. An electrical wiring harness adapter may be required to plug the plow harness into certain machines that do not support the standard 14-pin connection. For skid steers, you will be able to use the standard controls to hook up to this machine, so there’s no extra controller inside. Arctic’s patented Slip-Hitch™ Universal Coupler System allows for quick and easy changeover to any quick connect couplers to fit any equipment manufacturer’s mounting system. It floats up and down independently from the machine, and automatically self-levels the wing-plow when in a neutral position. The Slip-Hitch™ coupler system also allows the machine to keep all four tires on the ground for full traction.

Currently the Sectional Sno-Wing™ plow comes in two models, SW LD-8 and SW LD-10.5. The SW LD-8 has a pusher width of 8’7” and plow width of 11’10” and weighs 1,900 pounds. The SW LD-10.5 has a pusher width of 11’1” and plow width of 14’4” and weighs 2,150 pounds.

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