The Arctic S2-90S is a Pusher and a Plow for ½ Ton Trucks

Designed with versatility and durability in mind, the S2-90S is available in galvanized steel, poly, or stainless steel. One of its standout features is the increased ground clearance, achieved by repositioning the lugs on the A-frame to tuck up inside the widened lift frame. This design innovation significantly improves ground clearance, making it ideal for a variety of conditions.

June 12, 2024  | Staff Editor 

Optimal Weight and Enhanced Visibility

The S2-90S‘s weight is perfectly aligned with the new half-ton trucks, ensuring optimal performance without compromising the vehicle’s handling. In addition, the plow is equipped with heated LED lights, which have been well-received since their introduction a few years ago. These lights enhance visibility and safety during operation, especially in harsh winter conditions.

Innovative Expandable Plow with Variable Attack Wing (VAW)

One of the most exciting features of the S2-90S is the expandable plow with the Variable Attack Wing (VAW). This feature is gaining popularity as more users transition to tractors and compact tractors. The VAW is essentially a pusher designed for pickup trucks, allowing users to move either wing independently. The wings can adjust from a full 90° box to 10’3″, and when angled, they open up the trailing edge, cutting the leading edge to a straight-on position. This flexibility allows for a full 90-degree expansion, unlike other plows that typically expand to only 35 degrees. When windrowing, this capability enables the S2-90S to grab and hold more snow on each pass.

Versatility and Positive Feedback

The S2-90S is versatile, catering to both homeowners and contractors. While homeowners use it for managing large acreages, contractors—primarily the target market—are particularly impressed with its heavy-duty performance and robust construction. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the plow’s durability and build quality.


Arctic’s Legacy of Reliability and Innovation

Since 1969, Arctic’s orange snowplows have been a symbol of reliability and resilience, keeping things moving in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. With decades of manufacturing experience, Arctic has earned a reputation for both performance and durability. The plows are not only built to withstand extreme conditions but also feature advanced blade design mechanics. These mechanics initiate a rolling motion that effectively moves even the stickiest snow, resulting in less resistance, reduced wear on power trains, and improved fuel economy.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Expectations

The S2-90S is a testament to Arctic’s commitment to innovation and quality. This new plow is expected to meet and exceed the high standards customers have come to expect from Arctic Plows.

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