The Arctic DoubleDown Salt Bucket™ Solves Challenges

Jon Pinckney, Regional Sales Manager for Arctic Snow and Ice Products talks with Snow Plow News about the features and benefits of the all new DoubleDown Salt Bucket™.

October 10, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

The DoubleDown Salt Bucket™ was designed to solve two particular challenges. The first is operator retention during low snow winters. Operators must be kept busy throughout the season or they will find work elsewhere. If they can double as salt professionals, they will be easier to retain. The second challenge is providing clients with flexibility for immediate and multiple saltings. Salt trucks need to cover 12 or more properties to justify their cost. But the DoubleDown™  is a single bucket that can be used for a single or multiple properties. The flexibility of the DoubleDown™ allows properties to be salted as soon and as often as needed.

The DoubleDown Salt Bucket™ is now made with galvanized steel for better performance and longevity. The DoubleDown™ can now better withstand corrosion and abuse that sometimes come from spreading materials like salt and sand mixes. The DoubleDown™ has excelled in the market as the shortage of vehicles has been a growing issue. The DoubleDown™ has been a great alternative for snow contractors that are looking to expand their reach if they are unable to find a salt truck.

The features and benefits of the DoubleDown™ is the perfect machine to complete a contractor’s fleet. The DoubleDown’s™ hydraulics and electrical connects quickly, which allows for a fast attachment. Independently controlled left and right augers allow the operator to determine the density of application in either direction. Left and right spinners allow for up to 30 ft spread on either side and are strategically positioned low enough to roll salt against curbs and under parked cars. During night applications, LED work and safety lights help view spreading patterns in the front and on the side of the bucket, while also providing unobstructed operator visibility. The DoubleDown Salt Bucket™ has a user-friendly LCD display panel that mounts inside the cab. The display panel allows the operator to independently control the dual augers and spinners to customize salt applications without ever leaving the cab. Two models of the DoubleDown Salt Bucket™ are available to guarantee a perfect fit for your skid steer, track vehicle or wheel loader.

Arctic products are designed for Arctic’s own commercial snow fleet before they are brought to market. So the quality and performance of Arctic products is a direct result of the extensive field experience as one of the leading snow removal operations in the country.

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