Swenson Delivers with the EV Select Spreaders

Leading the way with new products is a great way to provide excellent service to customers. At the end of the day, we all need to fight the winter storm and keep the highways, roads and lots clear. Each new product release is an opportunity for companies to assist you and make each winter season better than the last. Swenson wants you to take on any challenge with ease, knowing that they strive each day to provide you with the best. Don’t just get the job done, get it done right.

Swenson’s EV Select Spreaders are designed from a 5-yard to 20-yard capacity built to tackle any winter mission. Powerful new features include the new style tanks for a large capacity of liquid. A great option is to do a direct application or a pre-mix at the spinner.

The fold-up spinner is a quick release that allows for easy clean-up when the job is over. A quick and efficient solution to a task that no one wants to spend too much time on. Discharge any material that may have gotten stuck in the spinner and move on to your next responsibility.

The leg stands on Swenson’s spreader are designed for easy access inside the equipment. This makes removal of the spreader or putting the unit back into the truck quick and painless. This great feature is effortless and provides great support during or after a winter storm. Always thinking of you with each new product, Swenson delivers with the EV Select Spreaders.