Storm Alert for Mid-Atlantic and Northeast – 12/16/2020

12.16.20 Storm Alert from Snow Plow News

Winter Storm Gail – Impactful Nor’easter

It’s “go time” for snow contractors in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast! A snowstorm like this hasn’t been seen in years. It’s being called Winter Storm Gail now and this system tracked just like Neoweather predicted. It dropped 1-5 inches and up to 10 inches in the Central and Southern Plains over the past 72 hours and now it’s on its way northeast.

Today starts off with widespread light snow in the Ohio Valley. That won’t be very impressive until it hits the colder air from the coastal low in the East tonight. Once it does that there will considerable snow in Pennsylvania and ice and sleet in Washington DC, New Jersey, New York City, and surrounding areas. The swath of the heaviest snow (up to 2 feet) is expected to fall over Easter Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and up into New England.

Once that system heads out to sea some snow showers will kick up once again in the Ohio Valley from the upper-level lows spinning around, but nothing significant. There will also be an unrelated system in the Rockies bringing some new snow to that area. The rest of the country will be quiet after the storm.

Snow Intensity Map

The red areas are considered “major” snow intensity areas, but the real extreme snowfall will be in the purple areas. The purple areas will get historically high snowfall amounts.

Winter Storm Gail Map from Snow Plow News

After Winter Storm Gail

Once Gail moves through, most of the country will remain pretty quiet. There will be some cold blasts that come down from Canada into the Northern states, but not much in the way of snow is expected from that aside from some lake effect snow. Above-average warmer air is expected to push in Tuesday until around Christmas when things will get much colder again.

12/16/2020 Storm Alert Forecast Video

Watch Neoweather’s winter forecast video for snow contractors below for all the details on Winter Storm Gail and what happens afterward.

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